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The best and worst of 2012

2012 was a year that had more musical highs and lows than an Opera company on a roller coaster made of hard drugs. Shoddy metaphors aside, let us take a look back into recent musical history and pick out last year’s choicest cuts whilst also bringing some musical villains bang to rights.

Best album: Koi No Yokan – Deftones

The alternative metallers came roaring back with this epic slab of an album. It’s not every band that can slog it out for twenty years and then come out with a stone cold classic. The totemic riffage of tracks like ‘Gauze’ and ‘Swerve City’ and the shimmering beauty of ‘Rosemary’ prove that these guys are masters of dynamics and are right back to their early 00′s heyday.

Best single: ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ – Gotye

Despite being released in 2011, this tune didn’t gain true recognition until reaching UK number one in February2012. Never off the jukebox in the Students’ Union, love him or hate him, Gotye’s 80’s vibe/shameless ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ ripoff produced many a drunken sing along. Now if only Kimbra had been in the video more…

Best artist: Psy

This chubby Korean chappy racked up an unbelievable one billion YouTube views over the last few months, and his hit ‘Gangnam Style’ went to number one all over the globe. From his constant sunglasses-wearing to his surprisingly deep lyrics and his infectious ‘horse dancing’, you can’t help but love him.

Worst album: The Female Boss – Tulisa

What’s more irritating than her X-Factor judging? Tulisa’s debut solo album. From the cringeworthy spoken word intro mumbling about ‘innah beau’y’ to the shambolic ‘party anthem’ of ‘Live it Up’ and the vomit inducing balladry of ‘Sight of You’, this excuse for an album is sixteen tracks too long. If something makes you genuinely miss Dappy then it gives you an idea of its overall quality. Tulisa, you’re fired

Worst single: ‘DNA’ – Little Mix

Taken from the album of the same name, this confusing jumble of electro pop and pseudo dubstep shows off just how rubbish the girls must have been at GCSE Biology. Complete with the obligatory soulless ‘rap’ interlude and creepy lyrics that seem to encourage stalking, you start to wonder if there was a little mix up in the pop factory.

Worst artist: Chris Brown

It’s all too easy to jump on the Chris Brown hate train, but there’s every reason to. If the absolute arrogance he’s shown in flouncing back into the public eye and his constantly moronic Twitter updates weren’t enough, the poor excuse for R’n'B he forces upon us is utter audio-waste. Do one, Brown!



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